My Home Is My Eco-System

Green/white Shaman Polished 60x120 - фото - 11

Green/white Shaman Polished 60x120

The mesmerizing movement of a stream of water flowing through rocks and grasses…

Slabs of semi-precious stones or an aerospace snapshot of the Earth.

What do you see?

The musical fullness of images in deep iridescences of green and natural tones of terracotta, saturates even the laconic interior with meanings.

CEDAR DARK MATT 60x120 - фото - 7


The Cedar Dark decorative panel opens a portal into the depths of the Baikal forests.

The mighty cedar, the patron saint of shamanism, is fraught with many images.

But whatever it seems, it will certainly fill any space with soft warmth.

The author's design of Cedar Dark is a gift to connoisseurs of rich imagination and mystical motifs.

WHITE SALT Polished 60x120 - фото - 9

WHITE SALT Polished 60x120

Every experienced cook knows that salt is added to any dish, even sweet, and makes its taste more saturated and voluminous.

The same can be said about the White Salt line, created on the basis of the texture of salt crystals.

Delicate iridescences and facets of pearl-silver gray will fit into any interior and match with any color.

ICE SHAMAN Polished 60x120 - фото - 5

ICE SHAMAN Polished 60x120

The hypnotic pattern conveys the unique structure of the Baikal ice.

Its visual depth expands the boundaries of space.

Possessing a mystical character, Ice Shaman transforms the perception of the interior and awakens images of indescribable landscapes in the imagination.

Baikal Ice Polished 60x120 - фото - 6

Baikal Ice Polished 60x120

Mysterious Baikal is a unique place of power and pristine nature.

Virgin forests and mighty mountains are filled with magic, and the bottomless rift is the cleanest water on the planet.

Here, where shamans have kept secrets since ancient times, the indigenous people live in harmony with nature.

The Mysterious Baikal line will become a source of inspiration for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of life.

Fill your home with the breath of legend.

AMBER ROOM 60x60 - фото - 11


A decorative panel made of amber slabs will become a source of warmth and comfort in any, even the most seasoned interior.

It harmoniously combines shades of honey, hot tea, a fire in the fireplace and cozy lanterns of an evening seaside town.

Forming the semantic dominant of the Baltic eco-system, Amber Room attracts woody structures, living greenery and spaciousness into the interior.

ROYAL AMBER - фото - 9


White amber is a rarity and a real find.

The most delicate iridescences of white and golden resin, resemble a milkshake with caramel syrup.

This interior looks at the same time gentle, airy and modern.



The dark version of Prehistory allows you to create an interior worthy of a museum exhibition from your trophies: rare finds and memorable souvenirs.

A house that inspires new adventures and that you always want to return to.



Mysterious figures from the white marble cliff of Sagan-Zaba froze in scenes of sacred dance and symbolic hunting five millennia ago.

The PREHISTORY WHITE collection, created on the basis of the famous Baikal petroglyphs, will fill you with the energy of ancient rituals.

It can become a powerful starting point and semantic center for creating an authentic and individual interior.

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