Visconti beige: the refined luxury of the chambers of the medieval rulers of Milan comes alive and plays with new colors in the interiors created

with the Visconti collection. The refined patterns and shine of precious metal, the volume imparted by the polymer with gold inclusions seem to

immerse you in the atmosphere of the fascinating and full of secrets of the history of patricians and consuls, dukes and archbishops, over which

time has no power. Visconti turquoise: A unique turquoise ink that infuses and enhances the brilliance of the precious metal, together with the

volume imparted by the polymer with gold inclusions, will fill your home with a special sense of harmony and tranquility. After all, it is no accident

that since ancient times it was believed that turquoise brings happiness in love, pacifies quarrels, stops enmity and establishes peace in everything.

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